Fantasy Feeder


So I was told to open a profile on Fantasy Feeder in efforts to meet guys who want to see me fatten up as much as I want to grow and expand.  Much to my surprise putting my YAHOO messenger on my profile was QUITE the mistake as I got bombarded with demands to discuss my weight, and even one guy who said hearing about my weight gaining process made his cock hard *he admitted he was masturbating while talking to me!* Creeeeeeppppy!

Having said all that, I will say this… I have met a few nice guys who seem genuinely interested in the actual “feeding” process and intimate relationship that develops from watching his princess grow into a massive queen.  We will see how that pans out and hope to find my own personal feeder.

What do I seek in a personal feeder?  One who will have food delivered to me, take me out to eat, cook for me and even take me shopping for new clothes once I’ve gotten too big for the things I have.  I want him to rub my belly, and worship my massive curves!

How do we get started?  Well until I get to know you well enough to meet offline, I start with online sessions.  Our sessions are delivered meals to my home, or you can send cash to a prepaid credit card I have specifically for feeding only and I will purchase food to eat for you.  When you feed me you are given access to my webcam, and phone in some cases.

I will share with you my weigh in progress, measurements, and any other details involved with my personal growth and fattening process.  Why am I doing it this way?  Because my time is valuable and with all of the guys out there that are interesting in this kind of lifestyle, I have to reserve my time for SERIOUSLY interested parties only with contribution to my growth process.  Otherwise I spend ALL day giving out INTIMATE details that should be shared only with the person who is actually feeding me.

I appreciate all the well wishes and good luck sent my way!  Today’s weigh in number:  XXX

To find out what that number is, email me at

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