I hadn’t been to PA to see the growing DestinyBBW  in quite some time, and she saw me losing weight by the month.    She enlisted the help of her feeder, and they sent for me to come and spend a few weeks being fattened up.  I arrived on Feb 28th and since arriving, we’ve eaten at one of the best authentic mexican food restaurants EVER!  It’s Fiesta Mexico and we LOVe the food there.  So much so, we’re recognized when we return, nearly EVERY day.

We also visited a place called “Turkey Hill Experience” which offers UNLIMITED ice cream samples.  You can imagine DestinyBBW and I took full advantage of this option and had plenty of samples including several of the same kinds.  Oddly, the guy serving the samples must’ve been a fatty lover and possibly a feeder as he kept insisting we eat more.  In fact, he offered to keep the place open after they closed allowing us to eat until we couldn’t move.  Unforunately, by this time we were ready for guess what…. MORE FIESTA MEXICO!

We have been eating like every meal is our last… snacks.. midnight breakfast followed by frequent trips to the diner which we love as well.  Needless to say, I came here at 262 lbs… and you will have to visit FEEDMEFATTER  and check out the weigh in videos.

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Feeding Frenzy

I have been having withdrawls.  When I am home in FL… I tend to lock myself up in my room and eat one meal a day.  When I am with DestinyBBW we eat probably 4-5 times a day.  As a matter of fact our entire day is consumed with where are we going to eat?

DestinyBBW had abandoned me… but has come back to reclaim her good little foodee.  Seeing I have lost some of the weight she was responsible for putting on me as my deligated feeder… she realized desparate times called for desperate measures and is flying me to her on Tuesday.  I will be spending 3 weeks with her, each day finding more fattening places to eat out.  Oh my…. this is going to get expensive!!!

If you are a feeder in the Pittsburgh, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Richmond VA, or York Area email me feedme@feedmefatter.com  — we MIGHT be able to work something out if you are interested in taking me out and feeding me back to my FATNESS!



It’s been quite some time since my last post.  Matter of fact it’s been almost 5 months.  Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  And how is my ultimate weight gain process going? (To see the weight gain progress visit FEEDMEFATTER.com) 

My journey to a bigger me has come to a plateau with the lack of sufficient feeders and contributions.  I have spent ALL of my savings eating VERY well, and trying to pack on the pounds.  If something doesn’t give soon my quest will be a failure and I will have to resort to dieting abandoning our mission to get me to 400.  I long to put on those beautiful rolls and soft curves, and crave to eat my way to a more round body.  This has been a much harder mission than I thought it would be although I will say that it has been fun!  Help!

Frequent Feedings… = XXX lbs.





Over the last few months I have had some ups and downs… but when DestinyBBW sent for me to come to PA and since she is actively working towards getting me to 300 lbs and eventually 400, she has done an amazing job as I picked up a good 30 lbs while visiting.  We had some great food adventures, and some not so great.

We managed to find a diner in York, PA that has the BEST food ever!  Everything is made perfectly, and you can bet that whatever you order will be beyond great food!  My taste buds LOVE this place… and so does my growing belly!








It’s been a while since I have shared my gaining progress, but below you will find a few photos of what I’ve been eating lately!  I am up to 4 heavy meals a day and 3 snacks!  My favorite is my midnight snack!

Prior Weight:  267  Current Weight:  292

Eat the East tour



We started in Fayetteville, NC where we ate at this amazing place called the Sagebrush Steakhouse and had an amazing ribeye sandwich.  The food was excellent and the service was decent.  From there we stopped at a few places along the way but landed at a really good place in Springfield VA called Hard Times Cafe, the food was EXCELLENT!  Destiny and I had fried pickles, loaded nachos and chili lime wings.  Ofcourse we topped off all of our food with a brownie sunday.  Yummy!  We landed at a great place in South Jersey where we had to go to our favorite diner; the Sage Diner in Marlten NJ.  Had to stop and see our NJ mom and get our mouths on the cheesecake which is phenomenal!  LOL  You know we are such foodee’s when we have family at restaurants in different states all over the U.S.!  LOL  From South Jersey we headed towards  Boston, MA starting at Ponzio’s in Cherry Hill NJ which had an amazing sandwich!  We stopped at Cinnabon for a snack and then made another pit stop at Friendl’s in Airmont NY.  Funny story in Airmont, when it was time for our “Free Happy Ending Sundae” the waitress asked what kind we wanted, and I wanted Butter Pecan ice cream, Destiny demanded I get a topping since it was free so after our jokes about the “happy ending” I ordered the Reese’s Penis on accident which Destiny found to be very funny, but the waitress did not.  Their tuna melt was amazing!  We then got to Woburn, MA where we ate at a place called Ninety Nine which Destiny and I absolutely love.  After the BBW party we were hungry again so we went to a place where we found this INCREDIBLE diner called Bickford Grille who had an amazing tuna melt as seen in the photos below.


At one point in Boston, we had to drive 30 minutes to hit a late night meal at IHOP.  We hit Ninety Nine one more time before heading to NY and stopped a few times along the way for snacks and ice cream.  More to surely come on our Eat the East tour…





Fantasy Feeder


So I was told to open a profile on Fantasy Feeder in efforts to meet guys who want to see me fatten up as much as I want to grow and expand.  Much to my surprise putting my YAHOO messenger on my profile was QUITE the mistake as I got bombarded with demands to discuss my weight, and even one guy who said hearing about my weight gaining process made his cock hard *he admitted he was masturbating while talking to me!* Creeeeeeppppy!

Having said all that, I will say this… I have met a few nice guys who seem genuinely interested in the actual “feeding” process and intimate relationship that develops from watching his princess grow into a massive queen.  We will see how that pans out and hope to find my own personal feeder.

What do I seek in a personal feeder?  One who will have food delivered to me, take me out to eat, cook for me and even take me shopping for new clothes once I’ve gotten too big for the things I have.  I want him to rub my belly, and worship my massive curves!

How do we get started?  Well until I get to know you well enough to meet offline, I start with online sessions.  Our sessions are delivered meals to my home, or you can send cash to a prepaid credit card I have specifically for feeding only and I will purchase food to eat for you.  When you feed me you are given access to my webcam, and phone in some cases.

I will share with you my weigh in progress, measurements, and any other details involved with my personal growth and fattening process.  Why am I doing it this way?  Because my time is valuable and with all of the guys out there that are interesting in this kind of lifestyle, I have to reserve my time for SERIOUSLY interested parties only with contribution to my growth process.  Otherwise I spend ALL day giving out INTIMATE details that should be shared only with the person who is actually feeding me.

I appreciate all the well wishes and good luck sent my way!  Today’s weigh in number:  XXX

To find out what that number is, email me at feedme@feedmefatter.com